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“He who seeks certainty rarely finds it”, Osvaldo Licini

FOR TATA exists because I want something different. A different shirt made in a different way. I want to reconnect what your shirt means to you with its significance as something brought to existence by the hands of many from our shared resources.

I think we need to remind ourselves of the transformative nature of what we wear. Fibers from cotton flowers spun into the white twill shirt Agent Dale Cooper wore when he drove into the town of Twin Peaks in 1990. Who Agent Cooper became and what he wore are interchangeably linked and together they immortalized an iconic character.

Maybe there’s something to learn from Twin Peaks and the mystery of Who Killed Laura Palmer. Twenty years after the mystery was solved we returned to Twin Peaks. Perhaps because something was left unsaid. That the initial answers didn’t tell the whole story. That different more complicated answers were hiding on the other peak.

Have we peaked? Do we need to stop doing what we are doing, will technology in time resolve all problems or should we explore new or even existing ways of producing and consuming with all the uncertainty it entails? Ways which doesn’t erase the tangible realness of a shirt, but rather imbues it with all the effort required in bringing it into existence. The exchange of goods connects us and our ideas, intentions, and identities. This should be cherished not exploited.

For There Are Thousands of Alternatives