FOR TATA begins with two shirts in four different fabrics cut and sewn in Northern Italy by a family driven shirt company who throughout two generations has been making shirts from their studio in the town of Silea. The Shirts are made of G.O.T.S organic cotton fabrics from Italian mills, sewn with Craddle2Craddle Tencel thread, buttoned with Corozo buttons and signed by the shirtmaker on the organic cotton labels.

The collection features two shirts - Sam’s & Ada’s shirt. Sam’s shirt is a men’s-sized shirt in a boxed fit with recurring squared detailing and a straight button cut. Ada’s shirt shares many of the same details, but in a fitted silhouette reminiscent of the women’s shirts which powered through the carpeted office spaces in the 1980’s.

Each fabric represents certain times and certain places. Pat sitting in his office on 20 Exchange Place in his striped bankers’ shirt. A beatdown detective in a beige shirt late at night somewhere in the Ozarks or Dr. Melfi sitting across Anthony continuingly struggling to maintain her innocence as white as her shirt.

A pilot project is often considered a proof of concept of sorts, a tv-show condensed to its fundamental principles. But a pilot is also something new, a step toward unknown frontiers piloted by just the slightest idea that it could take-off to somewhere new. For Tata debut collection is a pilot with the intent to materialize the beginning of a different shirt made in a different way.